I'm in Kyle! Help my student! What’s next?

Awesome! Let’s get the ball rolling and take control of your child’s education. Your first step will be to fill out my initial inquiry form by clicking here. This form allows me to gain a little more information about your child’s situation and the obstacles that he/she is trying to overcome. If I feel that I am a good fit and can help I will send you an email with additional information about my tutoring packages as well as link to setup a phone consultation with me. I can’t wait to speak with you!

What age groups do you work with?

I works with students in middle school up through college. By seeking tutoring at an early age, students can improve their competence which has a positive correlation on their confidence. Improving learning efficiency and developing good study habits leads to less stress in future classes. Learn more about my academic coaching services by clicking here.

How long and how often are typical sessions?

Typically, I meet with students once per week. Sessions vary in length from 30 minutes up to two hours. In certain situations, multiple sessions may be required each week. Two hour sessions are ideal for ACT prep sessions.

What subjects do you coach students with?

I work with students on all math levels ranging from pre-algebra up through Calculus 1. I also work with students on ACT Prep. Starting early has a number of advantages. First, it builds their confidence. Often when a student is struggling they begin to believe the lie they just aren’t good at math. If I can help them overcome this mindset, they will be one step closer to overcoming the math struggle forever. Second, I work to find those misunderstanding in the basics of how mathematics work. These two areas are done together solving basic math problems until I find a weak point. Once that is established, I narrow in on teaching and developing an understanding of the concept. When that piece of understanding in place, we can continue to move on until we find another one.

Are the coaching sessions online or in person?

BOTH! Most of my student and families love the convenience of online lessons because it cuts out the travel time to a location. I understand middle school and high school life is full of extracurricular activities, so I make it easy to for your student to get the support they need without the hassle of travel. Online coaching is not only effective but also convenient! If online sessions are not for you, I also offer in person lessons at Bierce Library on the University of Akron campus. The reminder emails that are sent out prior to each session contain information regarding parking and my location within the library.

Where are in person tutoring sessions held?

In person tutoring sessions are held at Bierce Library on the University of Akron campus. Bierce Library is located at 302 Buchtel Commons Akron, OH 44325. The library provides me access to private study rooms as well as white boards. Utilizing a shared space outside of the student’s home helps us maintain the student’s attention as well as limit distractions. Additional information is provided about parking in confirmation emails once sessions have been scheduled. If making the drive is inconvenient for parents or students, I also offer private online tutoring sessions. I would simply ask that the student has a private room to work in so that distractions can be held to a minimum.

How are online tutoring sessions conducted?

Online tutoring sessions are hosted via a program called Zoom. After an online session is scheduled, a confirmation email will be sent to the student and parents notifying them of the lesson. Included in the email will be a link to the session. All the student needs to do is click the link and the online session will begin. No need to create a username or download any programs. A reminder email containing the same link will be sent out 2 hour prior to the lesson.

Are online tutoring sessions as effective as in person sessions?

Online tutoring sessions are equivalent if not better than in person sessions. Zoom, which is the audio/visual system that I utilize, offers an extremely reliable platform that allows the student and myself to complete the lesson just as if it were in person. Using shared screen capabilities and an online writing tablet, concepts can be conveyed to the student with ease. One of the benefits of online lessons is the ability to record the sessions. This feature allows the student to review the lesson at any time if they have questions about concepts that were covered.

What is the process for rescheduling lessons?

Plans change on a regular basis. If for some reason a student has a scheduling conflict, the student has the ability to reschedule his/her lesson for a more convenient time by accessing the online scheduling system through their portal. In order to view lessons, one must first login into his/her account by clicking the link at the top of the scheduling page. Once a lesson has been rescheduled, emails will be sent to everyone, including the myself, notifying them of the change. No more phone calls needed! I do enforce a 24-hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. Clients will be responsible for paying in full for the scheduled lesson if sufficient notice is not provided.


Is academic coaching only for students that are struggling?

Absolutely not! While I primarily help students who have gaps in their understanding, I also encourage students who are doing well to work with me so that they can get ahead and improve their learning efficiency.

Why should I invest in an academic coaching package?

Students typically only ask for help once they are having trouble in a particular course. I, on the otherhand, believe that students should take a proactive approach and get ahead of their studies. By investing in an academic coaching package, students will have the ability to schedule sessions on an on going basis. Packages while convenient for the students also offer the parents a way to reduce the price of tutoring. During these sessions, students will have the ability to work on current coursework as well as prepare for future coursework so that they feel comfortable and calm.


What is the ACT?

The ACT is the national college admissions examination that tests students in the areas of english, math, reading, and science. In addition to these subjects there is an optional writing portion. The ACT is comprised of 215 multiple choice questions and takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete.

Why take the ACT?

The ACT has become the new credit score for college. Without a descent ACT score students will have difficulty being accepted into colleges as well as obtaining financial assistance in terms of scholarships from these institutions.

When should I start preparing for the ACT?

Students should begin preparing for the ACT at the end of their sophomore year of high school. At this age, students have been exposed to many of the core math and english courses. By starting early, students put themselves in a great position to learn and master the material without the pressure of a strict deadline. I recommend that students strive to obtain their best ACT score during their Junior year so that they are free to handle all of the other obligations that come with being a senior (college applications, scholarship submissions, volunteer work, and individual coursework).

What test dates should I sign up for?

When trying to decide which ACT tests to register for, I recommend that you only sign up for the tests that offer Test Information Release (TIR). TIR allows you to receive the test, your answers, and the correct answers from the test that you took. TIR costs an additional $20, but it is extremely useful in helping students understand their mistakes on the test. TIR is typically only offered on the December, April, and June tests. If this changes, I will be sure to keep you informed. Click here to view an updated ACT test schedule.

How do I request test information release?

Test information release can be purchased when registering for the ACT or you have up to three months to mail in this form after taking the test.

I have a 4.0 GPA, but can’t score well on the ACT. Why can’t I do better?

Even if a student is a high performer in school, this does not always correlate to great scores on the ACT. What parents need to realize is that the content that students learn in school is not directly related to the content the that ACT tests students on. A great score on the ACT is a result of how well the student has prepped for the test which consists of a variety of english rules, math formulas, and data interpretation questions. In addition to improving competency of the material, students need to learn how to focus on what the questions are asking them to do. The ACT is an expert at baiting students to choose the wrong answers. If students learn the ACT’s tactics they can avoid a variety of common errors.