I can't recommend Kyle and his Elite test Prep service enough!!! He was so positive from beginning to end. My daughter was stuck at an ACT score and was feeling as if she couldn't break through her plateau. Kyle identified why she had been stuck, clearly outlined his plan to overcome the challenge and explained what her commitment was going to need to be to succeed. Throughout the entire process he built her confidence and provided positive support. His lessons were personalized to meet her individualized needs. She truly felt confident the day she went into the ACT exam because Kyle had systematically worked to help her overcome her challenges. Additionally, we have worked with Kyle for academic tutoring and found his academic coaching services to be the best. Before finding Kyle we tried a few others and have found his services so far above the rest. Highly recommend!!!

Julie - 04/28/19


Kyle is an outstanding instructor who demonstrates the ability to draw on his in-depth knowledge of ACT subjects, to set clear goals, to use appropriate assessments, and to provide high-quality feedback to his students. My son gained valuable insight into developing critical-thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and problem approach behaviors to use towards mastering the ACT exam. In addition, Kyle shows respect for his students and encourages them to work towards meeting their academic goals.  He captures the essence of what an excellent instructor should do and be for his students. I am proud to say that after many long hours of studying my son earned a 32 on his last ACT. Thank you Kyle for your continued inspiration and support!

Chris - 09/20/18


I can't say enough good things about our experience with Breakthru Tutoring! My son, Jack, started working with Kyle to prepare for the ACT. Kyle worked diligently with Jack to teach him how to take the test. With in person sessions, online coursework between sessions, real-time mock ACT tests and analysis of the actual tests, Kyle was able to determine Jack's strengths and weaknesses. He taught him how to optimize his time, analyze the questions and narrow down the answers. All of this resulted in a 7 point increase in my son's score!!! Additionally, he used the techniques that he learned to improve how he studied and took tests at school. This was definitely a great investment in our son's future! Kyle was very easy to work with, very accessible and able to answer all our questions at any time.

Kathy - 07/27/18


My daughter (who is now 13) has struggled in school since the third grade. She doesn't qualify for an IEP. She doesn't have dyslexia. She doesn't have a learning disability. School is just really hard for her. Just when she would start to understand what her teacher was teaching, the teacher would move on to the next section and she wasn't ready. She would always fall behind. She was always discouraged. She would study for hours and days just to bring home a C- or a D. Then she would say "why should I even try?" We have been to many different tutors and although they were good, they didn't impact or help my daughter like Kyle at Breakthru Tutoring. 
After the first session with Kyle, she said "He gets me mom. Thank you for finding him". That is huge for a child to say about any tutor. Kyle is personable and knows how to break math down so my daughter understands it. He is building her a strong foundation and will be ahead of the game before entering 8th grade . After just a few sessions my daughter has more confidence and is actually starting to like math. We will continue to work with Kyle as needed all school year long. I wish I would have found him before my son took his ACT's. 
If your child needs help with math or prepping for the ACT - Breakthru Tutoring is the bomb! Thank you Kyle for being so kind and connecting with my daughter. We are so thankful!

Michelle - 07/14/18


Kyle Simon is an amazing and kind person to work with. He is very encouraging and willing to offer help to whoever is in need. I went to Kyle in hopes of improving my ACT score. The sessions I had with him were definitely worth my time. All the hard work I put in payed off at the end. Kyle helped me bump my ACT score up by 5 points to a 33! He is a very dedicated individual who is committed to helping his students. I enjoy working with Kyle and recommend tutoring with him!

Meha - 4/29/18


Kyle's service is outstanding from beginning to end! Scheduling with him is easy. He works to find a time to fit your schedule. His lessons are in depth and well planned out. They are individualized to meet your specific needs. He provides additional support material for practice, as well as, review worksheets and practice tests. After each lesson he writes a review of the session, explains what you need to work on and outlines the upcoming lesson. Most of all, he makes sure you truly understand what you are learning. He reviews after tests to make sure you understand what was missed before you move on to the next lesson. He is both a support to what you are learning and a teacher of what you need to know. He is simply above the rest!

Grace - 02/26/16